Stress Management with Acupuncture & Remedial Massage

For a long time stress has been considered as, “hardly relevant cause or contributor” of different health problems. It’s only recently that stress has been studied in more depth resulting in a better understanding of how it affects body and mind.

The evidence from studies support that due to prolonged exposure to daily stresses the body loses its ability to regulate the inflammatory response in our body which in turn can lead to development or progression of different diseases. There are different types of stress; mental, emotional and physical. Depending on the person, one of three may dominate your life, but usually all three are present.

Mental and emotional stress is mostly related to work environment (deadlines), relationship and family which eventually leads to physical manifestation such as pain, tightness, soreness, poor posture etc. There is also a link between chronic stress and development of heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes and depression. The end result is uncontrolled release of different chemicals in our body as a response to chronic stress that will eventually lead to break down of other bodily systems. Studies have also shown that even minor injuries will take much longer to heal if we are under constant stress.

Unfortunately, due to constant and gradual erosion of our health everything in our lives becomes struggle. Take control of your life, by making yourself healthy again.

What are some possible signs of stress?

Neck, shoulders and jaw tightness and soreness
Irritability and anger
Low energy and waking up tired
Low immunity, easily catching cold and flu
Sleep problems
Poor memory
Inability to focus
Feeling that you’ve lost control over your life